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Quilting Scraps

Updated 8-22-11

I get lots of scraps from cutting out my costumes.

It seems a shame to throw out beautiful scraps of brocades, satins, jacquards, and metallic fabrics.

So I am offering them to those of you who quilt.

It gets expensive buying small quantities of numerous fabrics to get the variety needed for crazy quilts.

Now you can get a fabulous variety of fabrics in one lot.


This picture shows a representative sample of the scraps you will receive. You will get scraps varying in size from 4 inches up to about 10 or 12 inches. These are odd shapes left from cutting out costumes.

Generally, you will get a mix of all sorts of fabrics and colors.

You will receive a box 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" (the Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box) stuffed full.

Grab Bag Scraps: $22 (this include shipping!)

Or, you can email a request for a certain range of colors, for example, jewel tones, pastels, reds, blues, darks, or lights, etc. If you ask for certain color tones, your variety might not be as great. It depends on what I have in my scrap box.

(If you ask for greens, for example, and I only have 4 different greens in my box,

I'll email you to let you know that.)

Color Choice Scraps: $25 (this include shipping!)


Payment via PayPal is preferred.

For other payment options, see my How To Order page.

US customers only for the price above.

International customers must ask for a shipping quote.

International customers must pay with PayPal in US dollars.



Cotton Scraps


I have a variety of printed cotton fabric scraps, also. Same deal as above, but these are all "Grab Bag."

I cannot offer color selection in these scraps. Some are pre-washed, some are not.

Here is a representative sample:


At some point I might add a "small box" option.

Email me if you want to discuss a smaller amount of scraps.








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